Thursday, December 30, 2010


just got off the phone with nathan. the boys have lice. i am VERY thankful they got it there and he has to deal with it. i've been compulsively scratching and shivering since. ew ew ew. washing their sheets and cleaning everything just in case. he said he buzzed their hair and put meds on them. they're going to come back looking so funny.

hope you all had a wonderful christmas! it snowed was beautiful! :) i got lots of good stuff. i got tons of scrapbooking toys..a new paper cutter which i desperately needed, hot glue gun, and a cricut! also got a cast iron skillet which i used for the first time today and it was marvelous. a comfy set of pjs, a hat and mittens, a pair of uggs, and a promise of a green kitchen aide mixer! :)) it was a great christmas! i missed my boys, but i know they had a blast with grandparents and their dad.

i quit my job a few weeks ago. i can't work for free. when i first moved here i went to bartending school and ended up just getting a server job anyway. i don't regret it, though, it was fun! maybe one day soon i'll use it. the job i had was at a sports bar. they were working me 40 hours a week and i was never home with my boys. the breaking point was me making $29 in 8.5 hours. uncool. it also didn't help that it was full of creepy old men and management that was completely unprofessional. ahhh restaurant usa.

so during my time off i'm getting to rest, be creative, lounge, and hang out with mark and his 3. usually there's 5, so it's quite a nice change. amazing how much of a difference taking 2 out of the equasion makes. he's been busy the past 2 days because a co-worker died, so he's been doing funeral and honor guard stuff. but me and his kiddos are having lazy days playing wii and watching movies. my evenings are filled with puzzles, movies, and cuddles on the couch. for those of you not up to speed on this new development...mark is a senior firefighter here in hendersonville and has 3 kids--ashlee-10, kaitlin-8, and jake-4. he's a full time dad because their mom died of cancer 4 years ago. he's pretty outstanding.

i'll post pictures of the newness in my life soon :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

you owe it to yourself... think about your life.

which is exactly what i did

and here i sit

4 months and 3 days ago i left college station, nathan, and all i knew there

if you kept up with my other particular my unhinged hope know i was at a breaking point in my life. this summer was the best, worst, hardest, and most eye opening time in my life. i've started over. i feel renewed. it wasn't an easy decision, not by a long shot. but the feeling i had when i was pulling out of my apartment complex at 6am, in the dark, on august 26th is undescribable. this is what i needed.