Thursday, April 14, 2011


ahhh sweet life. you suck me dry sometimes.

i'm starting to think we're almost over the lice issue! we still have 7 bags of pillows, stuffed animals, and comforters in the garage. but for the past 2 days we have found zero nits on either girl!!! just to update you on what we've done in this entire horrific process...2 pesticide "lice" treatments (nix and rid), one mayonnaise treatment, and hair dye. yes, we dyed an 8 and 10 year old's hair. but we matched it as close as we could. this was after 2 weeks of no luck with anything else...we were at our wits end. not to mention twice daily section by section nit checking. plus every other day of washing, rewashing, and washing some more of bed sheets and blankets. boiling of brushes. boiling of combs. ahhhhh we were so done. i think we may have beaten it. i promise if it comes back i'll just throw up my hands and give up right then and there. this whole process is insane!!! i've done nothing but itch and scratch for the past month!!! thankfully nobody else got lice, though. which is pretty impressive for a household of 7.

sweet ashlee's birthday was yesterday, she turned 11. i couldn't imagine the feeling mark felt...i just can't imagine my BABY being 11. crazy. she got a wii game (just dance 2) and it was absolutely hilarious to watch her and kait rock it! i'll be taking her and 3 of her girlfriends out for dinner and a movie on saturday night...figured for turning 11 she could have her first "girls' night" :) poor girl deserves it with how much she has to deal with 4 younger siblings!! i'll post pics of that...we'll get all dolled up and have a grand ol' time :)

the bathroom issue hasn't been resolved. all 7 of us are sharing one bathroom. bleh. but we're working on it!!! mark has to go to officer school next week...i'm dreading it...that means 4 full days (2 of which have soccer practice...) of kids, homework, refereeing, bathing, and lunch making. not to mention the 6:15am alarm that comes with all that. oh but i love them. so it's ok. :)

sweet mark took all 5 to soccer practice tonight so i could have some time to chill out and breathe. jake isn't playing, but is playing football. so he took him to practice some things. his first game last sunday went so great! we were very proud of him! aidan and oliver are doing well with soccer, too. i'm so thankful for this new life i've found. i'm so happy. :))

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

scream wine?

it's 9:03pm and i feel like i'm about to pass out from exhaustion. i only made it til 9:09 last night. am i 24 or 44?! guess that's what 2 weeks of lice, 5 kids playing sports, a bathrom catastrophy, divorce complications, and dream filled and disruped sleep will do to a young person. turn them into an old person. ugh!!! i'm so done with all of it. i'm sick of picking through hair checking for nits. i'm tired of not having any time with just mark...only time with kids kids and more kids. i love the kids...but GOODNESS. sweet mark tried to fix our shower and ended up making a week long project for himself. poor man was just as frustrated as i was. divorce issues were resolved today and took 10 tons of weight off my shoulders. and me not sleeping at night? nothing new. but just as frustrating as ever. oh life.

i love it. i really, really do. but sometimes i just need more room to breathe!

what a sweet life we have. i see it, love it, and am thankful for it. but sometimes i just want to scream whine.