Wednesday, April 6, 2011

scream wine?

it's 9:03pm and i feel like i'm about to pass out from exhaustion. i only made it til 9:09 last night. am i 24 or 44?! guess that's what 2 weeks of lice, 5 kids playing sports, a bathrom catastrophy, divorce complications, and dream filled and disruped sleep will do to a young person. turn them into an old person. ugh!!! i'm so done with all of it. i'm sick of picking through hair checking for nits. i'm tired of not having any time with just mark...only time with kids kids and more kids. i love the kids...but GOODNESS. sweet mark tried to fix our shower and ended up making a week long project for himself. poor man was just as frustrated as i was. divorce issues were resolved today and took 10 tons of weight off my shoulders. and me not sleeping at night? nothing new. but just as frustrating as ever. oh life.

i love it. i really, really do. but sometimes i just need more room to breathe!

what a sweet life we have. i see it, love it, and am thankful for it. but sometimes i just want to scream whine.

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