Wednesday, May 11, 2011

overdue update

four eleven-year-olds hit the town for some yummy steaks at o'charley's and the movie soul surfer. the most "girl" time i've had in months! :)

family outings to the zoo! thanks grandma and grandpa for the family passes! the kids love the kick ass playground and mark and i love the gibbons :)

with four in soccer and one in flag football, we've logged a LOT of time at drakes creek park. because of all the rain outs, there were SEVEN games last saturday. luckily, we're at the end of the season. 2 practices a week and 5 games on saturdays is getting exhausting! colorful group, aren't they?!

socks for seven anyone? we don't feel bad about having the girls do this, seeing as how their chore list is almost non-existent. this will soon change. :)

 i sent the boys upstairs to each pick out two toys to take outside to the playground...aidan and jake picked nerf guns and transfomers...oliver comes downstairs like this. he said, 'i'm a fireman in sunglasses mommy!' well alright then. oov is a special, special boy. :)

i made these invitations to my friends' daughter's first birthday party! it was a fun task. i haven't done much creative-wise since i've moved here (see above activities that keep me distracted...) and so i loved getting to have fun and be creative with these! :)
my painting above our bed :) 

storms, lots of rain, and beautiful flowers. mark and i are learning how to garden....we have no idea what we're doing. but it seems to be working! the yard is beautiful!

and last but not favorite part! mark and i just spending time together and enjoying the porch, and of COURSE, our new favorite mexican restaurant, rio bravo. mexican and margaritas?! any day!! :) these days are sponsored by grandma and grandpa who occupy the hoodlums so we can relax which is much needed after our busy busy days!
we've cleared the lice and given pillows and comforters back. what a pain in the ass that was!! so so so glad it's over. we're nearing the end of the school year (nooooo) and the days are getting hotter. the pool will open soon, so i've started hammering it out with p90x. i've GOT to get my body back...i kind of let it go this winter. yuck. we've also got a family vacation to a south carolina beach in july...can't wait! i really hope my boys will be able to come with us. i'll also be going back to school either this summer or fall (depending on whether or not i get granted tennessee residency for the summer). i'm really looking forward to it. i've been wanting to go back for a long time but it was just never possible. i'll be going for my emt basic this fall, then on to paramedic after that! the whole program is 2 years. hopefully mark will be joining me for the emt basic. he's in his last week of officer school right now so that he can test for captain next time it comes around. the emt certification will only help his promotional points and earn him a little extra money. i'm so ready to be going back to school and do something besides waiting tables. plus, because i'm a single mom with 2 kids, i'm actually getting paid to go back to school. it's a pretty good deal. :) thank you, mark, for pushing me to do this and do everything possible to make it happen!
so that's what's going on in our little crazy world...can't help but just sit back and watch it all fly by.