Wednesday, February 16, 2011

update in pictures

 just posting a few pictures...i really should invest in a camera. all these were taken with phones. but they're pictures nonetheless! :)

 pretty kaity at the adventure science center
 ashlee, aidan, oliver, and jake's head playing at the park across the street on a "snow day" (as you can clearly see...grr!)
 ooov and "mr. mark" cuddling on the couch
 trying to be cute enough to get to stay up just a little while probably worked :)

aidan and mark at the adventure science center
i love this man...can you tell?!
when i first moved to tennessee i had my eyebrow and lip pierced like this...i had to take them out for work, but now that i'm not there anymore i was really missing them so got them back! also, i'd never had my hair highlighted, so mark treated me to a fresh hair cut, carmel highlights, and a feather extention! i absolutely LOVE it all!!

so much to do and so little time!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


whoa what's wrong with me?! i used to blog at least twice a week. i guess i have 5 kids, a boyfriend who i can't be next to enough 4 days a week, and this new-found life of mine to distract me. my blogs call to me more often than not...i just struggle with what to post about and what not to post about. guess that's a post for unhinged hope. so. i've made a few cards...and by the request of the lovely patty, i'm working on birthday invites for her daughter's first birthday...such an honor :)) loving every minute of it! i'll post pictures soon. nice to have a project again! here's something i did the other day just trying to warm back up to it all...

i love the triangle banner going across the top...color is a little off because i took the picture with my phone (that has undoubtedly been though some rough times)...but still. a start. thanks, patty :)

so other than that it's just kids. and more kids. and what...wait. why do i have so many kids? kids. kids. kids. eff. but i can't help but love them. which is what it's all about, right? :)

we make 4 lunches at a time, hand out hugs and kisses every 10 minutes...times 5...get 3 on the bus by 8, drive one to school by 9, pick up one at 2:30, another at 3, be home by 4 for the other 2, sit down and work through homework times 4 for an hour, take turns yelling upstairs at the others on the wii, work on approximately 2 major school projects a week, cook dinner for 7 every night, and pancakes every saturday morning. you can feel free to go ahead and call us badasses. i could take a whole 'nother post and talk about rules, orders, and lifestyles here as a household of 7. i grew up in a conservative and quiet household with only my brother who was 3 years younger than me. mark has an older sister about the same...big families sure are different and more challenging than what we were used to. but we are just holding on for the ride and loving every minute of it.

call us insane...but we signed up all 5...yes all FIVE up for sports this year. yeah...i'll let you know how that works out. jake was the lone wolf and wanted flag football...the other 4 chose soccer. 5 kids. 1-2 practices a week per kid, plus games on saturday. 5 games. saturday. wait..what?! yeah maybe i'm insane. but such is life. i'm not bored, that's for sure.

more to come soon.

i promise.

and here.we.go.