Friday, January 7, 2011


 me and mark...i'm dressed as a ref because that's what i had to wear to work...yuck. don't miss it a bit. only thing i miss is being able to pay bills.
 kaitlin, aidan, and ashlee showing their nannie berry spirit wearing their matching sweatshirts to school
 oliver, jake, and aidan visiting mark at the firehall and playing on firetrucks...nothing better!

 the (bald) love of my life. poor baby had his head shaved after his lice incident while with his dad in texas.
 titans game with mark! one of three! :)
 mark's parents took all of us to a pumpkin patch mid-october and everyone got a pony ride!
 my lovey with hair on his pony
christmas morning snow...perfect. missed my boys but had a wonderful first christmas in tennessee! :)

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