Tuesday, March 1, 2011

doorknobs and light sabers

all throughout the downstairs of our house, the doorknobs are shiny gold. yuck. so i went to lowes to price doorknobs and OUCH! the hall/closet ones i liked started at $20 each. then there's the front door and the door to the garage which need deadbolts...those started at $85. 12 needed replacing...not happening. so i did some research and decided to try my hand at spray painting them. i did one test one and figured worst case scenario the paint peels and looks like crap and we just put it on our closet door. i did it 2 weeks ago, and so far it's holding up GREAT! the strike plate is a little scratched, but you can't see it unless you're really looking for it...other than that i've been super happy with the results! so if you're looking for an inexpensive way to fix drab doorknobs, try this out! grand total? $24.98.
these are the paints i chose...a grey primer for metal, oil rubbed metallic, and a clear enamel gloss. (got all these at lowes)
i covered the latch with painters tape so i wouldn't have to worry about it getting painted
i raided mark's grill accessories drawer and found these kabob sticks...worked out quite nicely. helped me get all the angles evenly.
yucky gold before...

pretty oil rubbed bronze after! please excuse the grunginess of the door...one of my spring projects is to repaint all the doors and frames!

i just followed the instructions on the paint and let everything dry extra long...the whole process took 3 days start to finish. next time it won't be as bad because i'll do all of them at once!

so sunday was pretty much the greatest day ever. got to sleep in a little, then watched a very unqualified man plant 4 trees in our neighbor's back "yard"...he was wearing corduroy pants, a polo, and had a jacket tied around his waist like a total baller. he'd dig for 10 seconds, stop and look at it. dig, stop, look. it took him 3 hours. the trees are unevenly spaced and crooked. not sure how much they paid him to do that or where in the hell they found him, but he did NOT do a good job. it was hilarious to watch and listen to mark commentate. haven't laughed that hard in a long time. then mark took me to lunch at our favorite local mexican restaurant. of course i can't eat mexican without a pitcher of margaritas! :) then we came home, sat on the porch (it was PERFECT outside), watched the kids play, then mark got out the light sabers and went to war with the boys. i snapped a few pictures through the screen...sorry. too lazy to get off the porch. :)

 aidan using the force :)

 mark showed no mercy. at this point jake was crying, aidan was pouting because mark took his light saber from him, and oliver was on his way to the ground.

 aidan and oliver still recovering, jake retaliating...
 ...and failing.
victory for little boys!! mark finally gave in...they put up quite a fight though! :)

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