Friday, March 11, 2011

jake's 5th birthday

the crew on jake's birthday at grandpa and grandma's house. aidan's face is blurry...we must have taken 15 pictures...but it's nearly impossible to get all 5 to smile, look at the camera, and SIT STILL all at the same time. call us crazy, but we love it. :)
jake wanted a 'transformers' birthday, so that's what he got! along with a kick ass nerf gun.  
oliver and grandpa having fun while mark grilled :)

mark and the stink. love.

big shout out to grandpa and grandma who kept all 5 kids for an entire night so we could have a much needed and wonderful DATE NIGHT!! mark took me to carrabbas where we spent more on wine and jack and cokes than we did on food...exactly as it should be. :)) then we went to see 'the adjustment beauru' at the theatre. we had a fantastic night, then breakfast at cracker barrel. yuuum! i love him. <33

we now have two 5 year old boys who recently discovered wrestling. jake has a good 5 inches and 20 pounds on aidan, so aidan is really going to have to work on his strategy because the one he has now (running as fast as he can, yelling, and barreling into jake) does NOT work. jake pinned aidan over and over, but aidan kept coming at him. jake kept count for awhile then got bored of that so started putting his face right on aidan's and saying "BINGO!". this infuriated aidan. i'll give him credit though, he's persistent. as for now it's just a losing battle.

tonight, it's pizza at grandpa and grandma's, then leaving his kiddos there overnight so we can get up bright and early to make the drive to little rock to send my boys to texas for spring break to be with their dad. it's a boring and flat drive, but mark and i always find a way to have fun :) i chatter endlessly and he tells stories that make me laugh...then there's always a 30 minute johnny cash jam session. love.


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